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How To Solve (Mostly) All Our Problems


And, by "rich", I mean millionaires. Which, for the U.S., is about 9% of the entire population. This isn't a call for increased taxation on low-income, working families, or the middle-class. It's a call to tax those that have clawed, cheated, and stolen the wealth and productivity gains of the past few decades. No, not all millionaires have clawed, cheated, and stolen. But those who have clawed, cheated and stolen, and who have bought politicians to get legislation and tax laws in their favor, need to be taxed more.

Income has been steadily redistributed upward since the 1980s. Millionaires are reaping more and more of the gains of workers. This is not sustainable. It's time to reverse this. Tax the rich! 

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Turn That Frown Upside Down

An overarching theme for Republicans, regarding the next election cycle, is this idea that things are an economic mess. Times are tough, everyone is struggling. 

Yet, in many metrics, a reasonable, non-partisan observer would most likely conclude that times are, generally, good. 


The current unemployment rate is under 4% (3.7% as of today for the U.S.; 3% for Wisconsin). And, despite an historically low unemployment rate, wages are rising.

Interest Rates

Historically speaking, interest rates are low. In the 1970s, rates were mid-7 percent. The 1980s saw rates rise to mid-9 percent. The 1990s started around 10 percent, and finished around 8 percent. From 2000 through the 2010s, rates fell from 8 percent to 3 percent. The 2020s have seen rates rise from high-3 percent to the current mid-5 percent.

Inflation Rate

The majority of noise in the inflation rate hangs on the energy sector. A better descriptor for this phenomenon is price-gouging. The energy sector doubled gasoline prices and laughed all the way to the bank as Republicans and their accomplices manufactured the price-gouging into a Joe Biden spending (inflation) problem. It's no coincidence that as the energy sector has gouged less (gas prices have come down), inflation has fallen.

Saturday, June 4, 2022

United States: Guns & Gun-Related Deaths

30 years of mass shootings by country: between 1983 to 2013, 119 mass shootings took place around the world—66% were in the U.S.

Mass shootings: US the worst in the world by far

There’s a new global ranking of gun deaths. Here’s where the U.S. stands

America's gun culture - in charts

On gun violence, the United States is an outlier

Spare Me The Bullshit!

Screenshots of Wisdom


Companies Keep Hiring

Nonfarm payrolls increased by 390,000 in May, above the 328,000 Dow Jones estimate.

The unemployment rate held at 3.6%, while a more encompassing jobless rate edged higher to 7.1%.

Average hourly earnings rose slightly less than expected but were still up 5.2% from a year ago.

Leisure and hospitality led gains, followed by professional and business services then warehousing and transportation. [source]

Fox News thinks all of this is bad. The delusion continues. Being contrarian for the sake of being contrarian continues. 

Monday, May 30, 2022

Corporate Profits and Inflation

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No Right

Here's What GOP-Nominated Justices Said About Roe v. Wade During Their Senate Hearings
The Most Extreme Abortion Ban In The Country Was Just Signed Into Law In Oklahoma

Spineless, Selfish, Murderous Cowards: Republicans & The NRA

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Reduce The Number Of Guns

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Vote Democrat

If you were on the fence, if you were thinking of voting Republican, if you were thinking of not voting at all, here is a glaring example of why the majority of Americans should vote Democrat.

Protests Erupt Nationwide To Support Abortion Rights After SCOTUS Draft Leak
Wisconsin Abortion Rights Could Be Set Back Nearly 200 Years

Republicans only care about power and cronyism. And, this latest Supreme Court leak shows they definitely do not give a shit about women. 

Upcoming Elections:

Fall Primary - Tuesday, August 9

General Election - Tuesday, November 8