Sunday, January 25, 2015

15 Bucket-List Pizzerias

zaffiros 15 Bucket List Pizzerias to Visit Before You Die
Where: Milwaukee, WI

Nemetz says: Most people have no reference point when it comes to defining Milwaukee-style pizza. Our signature pizzas evolved from the Sicilian and Italian immigrants of the late-1800s that came to the area in search of a better life. History began in 1954 for Zaffiro’s when two nice Italian boys, John and Liberio “Bobby” Zaffiro, created a pizza unlike anyone had ever seen or tasted before in Milwaukee’s “Little Italy.” Zaffiro’s Pizzeria takes classic Midwest-style pizza to the extreme. Their pizza has a curiously thin crust—perhaps a mere two credit cards thick. To yield this perfection, they begin by parbaking their dough, removing it from the oven, flipping it over to dress the pizza, and then returning it to the oven just long enough to finish off the toppings. It is topped with sliced cheese and then ladled with secret recipe sauce to create a signature Milwaukee-style pizza that has consistently been named a favorite among locals and food writers alike. (Photo courtesy Theresa Nemetz) [source]

Friday, January 2, 2015

Let Milwaukee Bucks Owners Pay Their Own Way

Under the current plan, private investors would own the team franchise (an appreciating asset with high upside potential) while taxpayers would support an arena (a depreciating asset with a considerable downside). A better deal for taxpayers would be to treat them like investors with an ownership share in proportion to their contribution, entitling them to gains and not just losses. In particular, they would share in the gains in franchise value if the team left town after they built an arena.  ...
It is time to pivot away from attempts to gain tax support for the depreciating asset of this business. The economic recovery has been very kind to the high-income owners; they should fund the entire business, both the franchise and the arena. [source]