Monday, January 25, 2021

You Reap What You Sow

When Republicans have power, the idea of "unity" doesn't even enter their collective mind. It's their way or the highway. But now that the citizens have had enough of the Republicans' bullshit and lies, suddenly Republicans are clamoring for unity.

Yet, when one sees stories like these:

Arizona Republicans Censure Party Leaders At Odds With Trump
Trump paid Capitol rally organizers over $2.7 million

Who, in their right mind, could find unity with such reality-denying, cognitively dissonant, know-nothings?

Sorry, conservatives, right-wingers, Republicans, but you can fuck off! Democrats have been goose-stepping rightward politically on issue after issue for the past five decades. Yet, it was never enough. Conservatives continued to cheat and gerrymander. Endlessly taking more and more. And, it was working. But, as is typical for Republicans, they got greedy. They wouldn't stop. They kept cheating and abusing their power. 

And now it's all blown up in their faces. 

So fuck unity. And fuck Republicans. You reap what you sow. 

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Public Work Should Be Done By The Public Sector

A recent article - Waukesha's Zignego Co. lowest bidder at $87M for Highway 50 road project - made me again think of the delusional efficient private sector viewpoint. 

Conservatives and wannabe-economists have, for years, pounded the private sector efficiency drumbeat. Sadly, this perspective is as misguided today as it's ever been.

For the majority of private sector actors, the modus operandi has been to cut corners, pay workers less and/or to simply not do certain tasks altogether. 

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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Republican Hypocrisy On Display, Yet Again

The Republican Party should really be referred to as the Hypocrite Party. 

Republicans Lash Out Against New Security Measures At The Capitol

Republicans are fine with children having to go through metal detectors to get to school, passengers taking off clothing to be able to fly, and any other number of inconveniences for the population at large...until it impacts them. Then they are outraged and their personal freedom is being infringed. 

Yes, to keep the NRA happy, so any dipshit can carry and own a gun, the population at large must capitulate to enhanced security measures, but Republicans legislators feel they should be exempt from such disruptions.

Republicans are truly terrible people (and I use the term "people" loosely).

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