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401Ks - Don't Believe The Hype

Scott Walker Is A Creep

Scott Walker says Wisconsin needs a break from 'massive new interchanges in Milwaukee'

Isn't it odd how Wisconsin has $5 billion for Foxconn, but we can't find any money to fix our roads?  We have millions for sport stadiums, but there's not money available for our transportation needs. We have corporate welfare for any business that comes along with their hand out. But when basic infrastructure needs to be upgraded or repaired, Scott Walker can't find the money or the project just isn't a priority for him. 

The Republican party has been the party of road building (over other forms of transportation) for decades. They have to learn there are ongoing expenses with any investment - roads are no different. To love the ribbon-cutting for new roads (or any project, for that matter), but to then skip town when repairs are needed is irresponsible and a dereliction of duty. Also, Republicans shouldn't continue to support sprawl and the roads needed to get there, if they don't want to pay to keep those roads in working condition.

Scott Walker isn't a leader. He's a crony. A crony who continually funnels public dollars to his contributors, whilst short-changing the state and the needs of the citizens. His contradictory opinion of the Affordable Care Act, preexisting conditions and his involvement in the lawsuit regarding such perfectly illustrates this. Cost of Wisconsin's stance on the Affordable Care Act: $1.1 billion through this fiscal year.

Aside: Funny how an article supposedly about Scott Walker not wanting to fix Wisconsin roads turns into a hit piece on Tony Evers wanting immigrants to have drivers licenses.

A Minority Faction Is Ruining The Country

Saturday, October 6, 2018

What Will The Female Republican Senators Say To Their Daughters And Granddaughters?

Remember the female senators who betrayed every wife, grandmother, mother, sister and daughter for the sake of Donald Trump and the Republicans' endless pursuit of power over everything honorable and decent when they are up for reelection.

Joni Ernst - Iowa
Susan Collins - Maine
Cindy Hyde-Smith - Mississippi
Deb Fischer - Nebraska
Shelley Moore Capito - West Virginia

Power is all they care about. Again, as all Republicans seem to do, choosing party over country. Or, in this case, party over sexism, sexual assault, women's rights and general human decency.

[Aside: Obviously the male Republican senators are also douchebags. Probably, in general, even bigger douchebags than the female Republican senators. But when it's your own gender and you fold under to benefit Donald Trump (pussy grabber in chief), there's no excuse.]

Susan Collins: Just Another Republican Partisan Hack

Susan Collins's Kavanaugh speech diagnoses America's deepening division
The Maine Republican said that while she found the woman who accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault at a high school party in 1982, Christine Blasey Ford, to be “sincere” and “compelling,” she did not feel Ford’s testimony rose above the threshold of being “more likely than not.”
So, Susan Collins decided that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was just making things up. She concluded that it was more likely that Dr. Ford was mistaken, confused or just fabricating her story.

History, and hopefully voters, will remember Susan Collins's betrayal of her duties as a senator and as a human. Although, one has to question what kind of human Susan Collins is. After hearing Ford's testimony and all the corroborating accounts from others who know Kavanaugh, to claim the testimony did not rise above the threshold of being “more likely than not” is completely unfathomable.

Shame on you, Susan Collins. You're a disgrace.

[Aside: All Republicans who voted to confirm Kavanaugh are a disgrace to truth and human decency.]

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Power Begets Power

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Republicans: The Party of Traitors & Turds

With the sham that has been the latest Supreme Court Justice appointment, it's amazing that the Democrats can even look their Republican counterparts in the eyes.

The Republicans are the most hypocritical, vile, shameless, treasonous, power-hungry and corrupt bunch of douchebags America has ever seen. They don't care about justice, workers' rights, education, health care or any of the other day-to-day concerns of the majority of Americans.

How are these liars and idiots considered sensible or honorable public servants?

Don't forget to vote November 6.

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