Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Midweek Reading

Bryan Adams apologises after 'bat eating' coronavirus rant
Rand Paul Tells Dr. Anthony Fauci He Should Have a Little “Humility"
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Monday, May 18, 2020

Burning Butthole

Conservative Chaos

Talk about a dereliction of duty. Conservatives at the Federal, State and Local level are acting irresponsibly, endangering people and completely ignoring common sense and good judgement.

Wisconsin's stay-at-home order has been overturned by the state Supreme Court; here's how people are responding

Wisconsin Supreme Court strikes down Wisconsin's stay-at-home order that closed businesses to limit spread of coronavirus

No. We cannot shut down parts of the economy and stay at home forever. But we are a large enough economy and have the expertise to figure this out. Another massive recession or thousands of deaths are not the only two choices. Leadership and decisive action are what's needed. Conservatives, thus far, have provided neither.

A proper Federal response would have been to take this seriously in January, start getting everyone tested, begin contact tracing, restrict travel and begin staying at home. At the same time, invoke the Defense Production Act to produce ventilators, masks, personal protective equipment and any other items the pandemic response team or medical professionals feel are necessary.

Also, this can't be a state-by-state decision. A pandemic needs a Federal, if not global, response. Due to the travel of people and goods, we need everyone operating by the same rules.

Safer-at-home order extended in Brown County after state Supreme Court overturns it

And, if you're not going to take this pandemic seriously, don't bother going to the hospital or taking the time of medical professionals if you're infected or experiencing symptoms. Since you think you know more than the actual infectious disease experts, you're on your own. Curl up in your MAGA hat, cling to your gun, and pray for relief. Ya know, thoughts and prayers.

If some Americans won’t take COVID-19 seriously, they should agree not to be treated

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Midweek Reading

States are opening up as their COVID-19 numbers rise
Supreme Court Chief Justice Roggensack blasted as 'elitist,' 'out of touch' for meatpacking remark
Just how contagious is COVID-19? This chart puts it in perspective.
Death of the office
“It’s a Huge Job”: The Only Way to Contain the Coronavirus Is by Contact Tracing

Brains Misinformed By Republicans Shouldn't Get A Public Platform

The cognitive dissonance is great in this one.

Scott Walker, former Wisconsin governor and Milwaukee county executive who left both those posts in worse fiscal shape than he found them and the bozo that gave away billions to Foxconn, opines States mismanaged by Dems shouldn't get a bailout over pandemic.

Yes, like his dear leader Donald Trump, Walker believes that if you're not on his team - if you're a Democrat - your state shouldn't get help from the Federal government. Which is just what we all want in a leader, right? If you didn't vote for him/her, you're on your own.

Walker oddly cites Kevin Hassett as support for his rant, as if, by association, this bolsters his argument. Kevin Hassett, if you'll remember, is the same right-wing, know-nothing apparatchik that wrote Dow 36,000 - one of the worst and most laughable pieces of economic forecasting ever published.

These few lines from Walker were especially laughable, "Instead of bailing out state and local governments, the federal government should continue to support programs to keep workers on the payroll and to keep small businesses alive. While so many workers are experiencing layoffs, closures, furloughs or pay cuts, many state and local governments have yet to make meaningful reductions — even in “non-essential” areas."

This from the same guy that made Wisconsin a right-to-work state and gave away billions to a massive foreign corporation. Part of Walker's budgetary game-plan as governor were lay-offs and firings. It doesn't take a genius to cut programs and fire people to make budgetary numbers look better. It looks particularly worse when you turn around and take some of that money and give it to your cronies in the form of tax breaks and subsidies.

This is all typical Republican blathering. Talk about how much you care about workers and the little guy, and then turn around and give tax breaks, cut regulations and bend over backwards for big corporations and the wealthy.

Finally, if these Democratic ("blue") states are so mismanaged, why is it that these states are the ones subsidizing the Republican ("red") states? As an article from the Business Insider details, "Red States — the ones governed by folks who think government is too big and spending needs to be cut — are a net drain on the economy, taking in more federal spending than they pay out in federal taxes. They talk a good game, but stick Blue States with the bill."

As usual Scott Walker and the Republicans are just wrong. And, they are lying about their policies and the outcomes. They don't give a shit about workers, the little guy, small business, budgets, etc. They only care about themselves and power.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Weekend Reading

The Politics of The Pandemic
Miscalculation at Every Level Left U.S. Unequipped to Fight Coronavirus
If Americans were healthier, we could have been better prepared for this pandemic
The wealthy face ‘one clear implication’ from the coronavirus, says man who led 2008 crisis restructuring efforts
Wisconsin’s Supreme Court Is Going to Use Fox News Arguments to Undo the State’s COVID-19 Restrictions
Jared Kushner’s Young Consultant Army Was Clueless On Coronavirus
Meet the Shadowy Accountants Who Do Trump’s Taxes and Help Him Seem Richer Than He Is

Republicans' Endless Hypocrisy: Tucker Vs. Tucker

Ad Nauseam Entrepreneurialism

John Torinus has an interesting article, UW System Needs New Kind of Leader, which raises pertinent issues and offers some reasonable options.

The only area I have strong disagreement with is his recommendation to "Emphasize entrepreneurship on each campus. Entrepreneurs re-invent economies, which Wisconsin will need in the rebound from our deepening recession. Some campuses are well down this path."

Entrepreneurship, entrepreneurialism, etc. has been pushed ad nauseam over the past few decades. This serious-sounding talking-point has little supporting evidence. This idea that everyone is a business mogul and everyone should be investing and/or starting a new business or venture, is a big reason this country is so ill-informed, ill-prepared, has crumbling infrastructure, and has seen the environment continually degraded.

The UWM Center for Economic Development performed an exhaustive study debunking the myth of the entrepreneurial university. The Hechinger Report echoed similar findings in Think universities are making lots of money from inventions? Think again. Derek Lowe found similar results for his article Innovation, at Universities and in Industry. Two others whom have studied the issue extensively, Matthew Wisnioski and Lee Vinsel, have noted identical results, most recently in The Campus Innovation Myth.

The "entrepreneurialism" drum is one that we should have stopped pounding long ago.

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