Saturday, July 13, 2019

Wisconsin Reading

When Socialists Swept Milwaukee
Why GOP Opposes Federal Medicaid Funds
The Incredible Shrinking Foxconn Plant
House passes $5M for Great Lakes Hyperloop that slots Milwaukee for Phase 2
Regrets, He Has A Few: Robin Vos Wanted To Do Even More For Wealthy In Wisconsin
Wisconsin's GOP Speaker Says He Wants To Consider Legalizing Medical Marijuana, Just After Rejecting Governor's Plan
State's Loss on Federal ACA is $1.3 Billion
Supreme Court's Gerrymandering Decision Fails Wisconsin

Weekend Reading: Economics Edition

Society-Wide Benefits of Raising The Minimum Wage
The Puzzle In The Labor Data
The Trump Tax Reform, As Seen In The U.S. Balance Of Payments Data
Why The 'Free-Market' Economy Is A Myth And How To Rebuild Public Power
The Failures of Neoliberalism Are Bigger Than Politics
What Kansas's Rebounding Economy Tells Us About The Farce of Republican Tax Cuts
How The Federal Government Rigs The Game Against Small Businesses
Make Corporations Pay For The Green New Deal
Rich Get Richer, Everyone Else Not So Much In Record U.S. Expansion
Unions Did Great Things For The Working Class

Weekend Reading

The Deepening Crisis In Evangelical Christianity
USA's formidable women's soccer team is no accident. It's a product of public policy
What You Need To Know About The Citizenship Question And The Census
Are Beyond Meat And Impossible Burgers Better For You? Nutritionists Weigh In.
The Tool That Local Economic Developers Should Rely On
Wanted: Public Employees Who Live Where They Work

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Republicans: The Real Hypocritical, Crybaby Snowflakes

Republicans Seek to Limit Governor’s Veto
McConnell Would Fill Potential Supreme Court Vacancy In 2020, Reversal Of 2016 Stance
Republicans who held 33 hearings on Benghazi complain that Cohen’s testimony was a waste of time
Republican Leaders Vow to Obstruct State Budget, Then Complain About Lack of Negotiations
To GOP, Obama’s immigration orders were ‘executive overreach.’ What is it when Trump does it?
Sparks fly on Fox News as liberal nails Republican hypocrisy on outside questioning of Barr: ‘Like they did with Kavanaugh?’
Why are Republicans so cruel to the poor? Paul Ryan's profound hypocrisy stands for a deeper problem
The Republican hypocrisy over Ilhan Omar's comment
More Republican Hypocrisy On Separation Of Powers
The Appalling Hypocrisy Of The Republican Party Exposed In Three Simple Charts

Getting to Know Elizabeth Warren