Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tea Bag This

Citizens for Tax Justice has found President Obama Cut Taxes for 99% of Working Families in Wisconsin in 2009.

Road Weary

Two excellent articles from the Journal Sentinel regarding public transportation subsidization:

Road debate developed into a zoo
You know those roads? They're heavily subsidized

Weekend Reading

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Urban Core Growing Faster Than Outer Burbs
Yes, I Love Paying Taxes

Tax Facts

Tax Facts (via Tom Schaller):
  • The U.S. ranks fifth lowest in tax revenues as a share of GDP among OECD countries; at 28 percent - 20 percent lower than the OECD average
  • Federal taxes as a share of GDP have been steady since 1950; at roughly 20 percent
  • Income taxes as a share of GDP have also been steady over the same time period
  • Only approximately 20 percent of GDP goes to the (federal) public sector

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fuzzy Math

Dean Baker makes an excellent correction to the mainstream media storyline which claims Citigroup has paid back the government. And, that the government will actually make a profit from the bailout of Citigroup.

Pity The Poor CEOs

The USA Today wants us to feel sorry for CEOs (Many CEOs take a pay cut in 2009). They were paid a median salary of $1.01 million in 2009. The median value of stocks and options they received was $3.7 million. The median value of their perks and compensation was $125,198.

Yes, pity the poor CEOs indeed.