Friday, March 19, 2021

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Suburban Socialism

This is a perfect example of the hypocritical capitalism Republicans preach.

New Great Lakes Water Diversion Request

They choose to live somewhere that is not sustainable. But then they whine, complain and bellow that they are entitled to <insert spoiled Republican entitlement demand here>.

When it comes to others, especially others that aren't white, others that don't believe in their god, others that don't live in their town, they need to go without. Getting things so easily makes others lazy. 

But when the SUV-crowd moves to the middle of nowhere and suddenly gas prices are high, they can't get water and/or any part of their utopia is disturbed, the know-nothing, big, bad government needs to come to their rescue.

And, is this case, the Village of Somers wants to have the State allow them to divert water to what is currently farmland so some well-connected land owner can make a killing off of future development.

As typical economics would have it, if you want a scarce resource delivered to an inconvenient location, the cost would obviously be extremely high. You know, to discourage such a ridiculous and wasteful allocation. Yet, the Wisconsin experience of those expecting their entitled water, outside of a location where it naturally occurs, is they complain and complain until the rest of us subsidize them being able to divert water. We subsidize them in that they don't have to pay the actual price the market would indicate. 

The same goes for the price of gas being subsidized below its market price. Really, the whole suburban mistake is a big subsidized wonderland for whites, where everybody else helps pay for their spoiled, wasteful, gas-guzzling lifestyle.

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