Sunday, December 5, 2010

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Yet another great example of the hypocrisy in our public discourse. We hear all the time about how inept government is, how spending is out of control, and how the market and operating "like a business" is the magical route to a world of happiness.

Harley-Davidson participated in $2.3 billion from the Fed. (Harley's many subsidies have been well-documented.) As the Journal Sentinel reported, "Area banks, Harley-Davidson took help from the Fed." This is typical of most anti-government mouthpieces. They belittle aid to the poor, to federal and state programs, and to pretty much anything that doesn't directly benefit their balance sheet. But, they simultaneously always encourage and have their hands out for government largess if it benefits them.

Not to pick on Harley, but it would be nice to hear some of these same corporations that get hand-outs actually acknowledging the important role our government plays in the market and economy. Maybe we could actually start having an adult discussion about this. The government plays a crucial role in the legal and financial operation of the country, and they also maintain the infrastructure that allows business to function.

Instead we get douchebags like Ron Johnson moaning that the government doesn't create jobs and that it should stay out of the market. Yet he forgets to mention the handouts and low-interest loans that allowed his own job and company to grow. And this is Wisconsin's newly elected Senator whom is going to lead us down the path to prosperity? He is going to usher in a new era of honesty and sound accounting? Still waiting for the day when we can discuss the equally important roles of the public and private sectors like adults.

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