Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Napoleon Dynamite

Out little Napoleon sure has some wacky ideas. His latest scheme to "require the governor to approve all state rules and give citizens a chance to challenge rules in their local circuit court" is a recipe for gridlock. Better yet, Scott, why don't we just put every bill, proposal, idea and government function up for vote in a continual referendum? The polls will be open year round and every Saturday will be voting day for the issues of the week.

First, in running the county, Walker recommended that we just get rid of the county. Now, as governor, he's pushing for us to get rid of meritocracy altogether. Damn those agencies who think they can run their offices. The doctors at the Health Department don't know what they're talking about. Scott Walker knows better. The economists at the Department of Revenue are inept. Scott Walker knows what they need. Yes, this college drop-out has the knowledge, experience, and background to dictate every detail of every state agency.

And, with the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce behind the plan, you know something's fishy. Some of the "rules" might be regulatory or onerous for business. We can't have that. This plan will basically take the teeth out of all our agencies abilities to accomplish their mission and do their job (which, for some, is regulation and matters of public health).

Since Republicans control the legislature, it is obvious the only things that will get through will be the policies that benefit Republican cronies. Walker will only approve rules for passage which meet the requirements of his corporate paymasters. Agencies, presently, write their own rules and pass them on to the legislature. Now, Walker wants to look at each agency's rule changes, before they go any farther.

But, for Walker, overstepping his authority is just another day at the office. This ludicrously bold strategy pays off for Republicans. They always push the envelope with their initial requests and proposals. So, even when the Democrats put up their typically weak-willed fight, Republicans get more than they would in any sensible and logical world, and the outcome disproportionately favors Republican's interests. Too bad the Democrats can't grow a pair and use this type of "negotiating" to their advantage once in a while.

This is a ridiculously blatant, and in no way productive, power-grab which will undoubtedly decrease state government efficiency and bring any mission and/or regulatory improvements to a halt.

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