Monday, December 6, 2010


Must the Democrats cave on everything? I don't want to hear the, "Well, they got this," or "Well, they got that." Lay out the choices for the voting population to see, show how the Republicans are obstructionists who only worry about the super-rich (the top 1.5 percent of the population making over $250,000), and hold your freaking ground!

Extend unemployment insurance, increase taxes on the top 1.5 percent, include $40 in tax breaks for students and families, apply a more progressive estate tax, and offer a 2 percent employee payroll tax credit. [These are only a few of the things they should be demanding. I wish they would do a lot more.] But don't move an inch to compromise with the Republicans anymore.

It's time to stop negotiating. The Republicans haven't budged on anything. They haven't even feigned an attempt at governance. It's time to start making them stand behind their ludicrous positions and expose them for the self-serving frauds they are.


xoff said...

Too late.

Curses, foiled again.

Anonymous said...

who knows what Party Tool Xoff (does that name mean cross him off your reading list?) was trying to say but you were right. totally. the only way you erred was in that in this post the To-Do List is waaaay to short.
Stand up for LGBT rights, be firm against racial/religious profiling, be as strong as the people who are trying (and succeeding) to blur the lines between church and state, THE GULF!!!!, support ALL labor (real labor, like Blue Collar) and not just their guaranteed voting block buddies The teachers,
self-flagellate for a WEEK for that Payday Loan fiasco here in WI you IDIOTS I even saw some Dems supporting that sleeping-with-Lobbyist loser who screwed the pooch on that OMG,increase regulations on Food safely, marketing drugs to consumers, anti-trust, regs on Wall Street,THE ENVIRONMENT, global warming, put limits on Insurance companies don't just require us to buy from them,kick Tom Barret's ass for not really trying that hard and guaranteeing freaky Scott's win,
STOP THE WARS YOU SAID YOU'D STOP, fight the class warfare, actually talk about and DO something about the poor not just massage middle management middle class. The list goes a normal human I can't just blow wind,break promises and then get mad at the people who get mad about it, i got work to do

Anonymous said...

I can't leave out how badly they need to grow a pair when it comes to the global behavior of the likes of Monsanto, Halliburton,BLACKWATER!!!! etc. we are so screwed, The Republicans cold not have been so successful all these years UNLESS there had been complicity and weakness in the defense team. PRETEND to fight, but don't really do it. Democrats get all "uppity" when you hold them accountable for the defenses they promise but then collapse on, but what good does that "ohh we are SOO offended you don't appreciate us" do when we are all faced with the global situations we are faced with. There are points of no return, times when it's just too late. We're either there, or getting there. But omg you MUSN'T be upset nor criticize, Thank A Democrat Today!(if you can find one, they're all probably chasing after Republicans begging for their approval)