Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Tracks Of My Tears

In there were any doubts, Scott Walker has officially diminished Wisconsin's competitive chances. He has started his governorship by losing money, jobs, businesses, and development. Due to the waffling and our governor's general disdain for rail, the Federal Government will be awarding $1.2 billion (formerly going to Wisconsin and Ohio) to other states. "Open For Business"? Bullshit!

Taxpayers' yearly support for the rail line was estimated at $4.7 million. According to the Census Bureau, in 2008, there were 2,236,518 households in Wisconsin. This equals roughly $2.10 per year, per household. As Bill Sell posted, 2 cents of every $10 of our transportation budget would go toward the rail line. Presently $9.20 of every $10 goes toward roads. Transportation expenditures breakdown thusly: 92% on roads; 4.4% on mass transit; 3.4% for railroads, harbors, and airports; and the proposed line would have gotten .2%.

$810 million in infrastructure, jobs, and development for $2.10 per year, per household, or for .2% of the transportation budget - sounds like quite a deal. Too expensive? Nonsense! This is a sad day for Wisconsin.

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