Monday, February 21, 2011

Cutting Not The Only Choice

There is another choice.

Higher taxes.

Stop the hissing and just listen.

Not higher taxes on workers. Higher taxes on the rich, on capital gains, on estates, on stock trading, and numerous other bloated, overblown entities which have been siphoning our hard earned dollars away from us over the past few decades.

The majority of us are not wealthy. But, through government, we can tax the rich. There is no reason why cutting, cutting, cutting is our only choice. We all enjoy these programs and benefit from collective action in our interest. This anti-tax aversion is ruining our country. The ridiculously wealthy have benefited disproportionately from our courts, infrastructure, and other institutions. It's not outrageous to ask them to pay their fair share.

It's time to redistribute their ill-gotten gains. Their country needs it.

The Robber Barons of yesteryear would be blushing at the corruption, greed, and selfishness of today's uber wealthy.

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