Saturday, February 5, 2011

About Those Public Workers

The Journal Sentinel, amongst a majority of the media, and those with access to it's platform, are quick to write endless stories and go on and on about our wasteful, inefficient, worthless, do-nothing government.

After seeing a full February's worth of snow accumulation in 12 hours, our public workers (alongside citizen effort) cleaned up the city within the next day.

People believe government does nothing for us because our "watchdogs" seem to report scandal and headline-grabbers much more than they report the efficiently well-done and necessary everyday work of our government.

The timely and organized snow removal, and the lack of any thoughtful accolades, exemplifies such.

Our media blindly spews corporate talking-points regarding the economy and "what we should do" often based on dubious analysis and faulty reasoning. WPRI's methodologically flawed reports are repeatedly quoted and sold as sound analysis. A perfect recent example of this blind market faith is the quasi-privatization of the Commerce Department. Good Jobs First just released a study showing a plethora of problems and an overall ineffectiveness from such privatization initiatives. We actually have our own example of failure, Forward Wisconsin. Which, for some reason, the media is also ignoring.

If only we could honestly discuss the proper roles, actual effectiveness, and realistic impacts of our public and private sectors. History and our current recession have shown us the tax cut, deregulation, and privatization experiment is a failure. Government can do, and does, many things well. A little more positive government and labor press seems a necessary corrective to the injudicious narrative we are being fed.

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