Saturday, January 12, 2013

Walker's World: Our Dystopian Future

"The Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. (WEDC) said in its report that the money it invested affected a total of 218 businesses and 23,759 jobs in the state last fiscal year. WEDC made a total of $56.2 million available to businesses through 170 grants and loans, the report found...
But unlike nearly every other quasi-public authority at the state level, the corporation is not required by law to report yearly on its finances. It took nearly a year and a half for the agency's board to see comprehensive audited financial statements."
Got that? Unlike nearly every other quasi-public authority at the state level, the WEDC is not required by law to report yearly on its finances. 

Yes, they're only dealing with millions of public dollars. Why should they have to keep track of anything or explain their decisions and investments? Didn't Scotty talk about transparency a lot during his campaign? Hypocrisy seems to be a prerequisite for the Republican party. I guess that's just the beautiful evil genius of conservative arrogance. They're always railing the most about the things that they are the most guilty of doing. 

Sorry, but when someone establishes an quasi-public (i.e. private) authority and specifically write laws which exempt that organization from having to report on it's finances, one must conclude nefarious spending and accounting are taking place at that entity.

Keep it up, Scotty. Pretty soon it will be you facing the charges rather than just your underlings. 

Not only does Walker wants Illinois' jobs, he also wants their corrupt ways.

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