Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wayward Walker

During these recessionary times, with stubbornly high unemployment, Scott Walker wants to increase the requirements for providing unemployment benefits. (Whilst simultaneously reducing regulations on business.)

Scotty rode into town claiming (like all Republicans) he would create jobs and fix anything and everything else that might be broken. Tax cuts, deregulation, and privatization (again) was the answer (again) to all our problems.

Walker hasn't created anywhere near the jobs he promised during his campaigning. Which isn't much of a surprise since most of the legislation he has proposed has been payback to cronies or ideological chest-thumping to impress his base.

But this just seems punitive and wrong. Making it harder for people whom are already down on their luck to get unemployment benefits? Does Scotty not realize that this would further depress the economy? Has there been an explosion of unemployment benefit fraud sweeping Wisconsin? Does Walker realize there is only 1 job opening for every 3.3 persons looking? Should people be punished for not finding the job that isn't there?

If we're looking to cut costs/spending, shouldn't we first be looking at reducing the benefits (or increasing the tax rates) for those doing the best, rather than taking away the crumbs for those at the bottom?

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