Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Paul Ryan Is A Right-Wing Extremist!

Paul Ryan is coming for your Social Security, Medicare, unemployment insurance, minimum wages, public services - what he claims are "entitlements." The programs that your tax dollars support, which the majority of Americans are in-favor of and enjoy, those are "entitlements" which Paul Ryan doesn't feel you deserve. That money should be given to the ultra wealthy, and then allowed to trickle-down to you.

If you believe our society would be (by the eradication of these programs) better off, the Romney/Ryan ticket is your pick.

The poor, working and middle class have struggled the past four decades with stagnating wages and increased volatility of their daily lives. Income inequality has increased exponentially over this period. The rich have gotten much richer and everyone else is either spinning their wheels or losing ground. Our "entitlements" aren't bringing us down, our lack of economic justice is the true culprit.

What used to be paid in wages, retirement, public services, and health care (to people who worked for a living), is now given away as tax cuts, subsidies, exemptions, and other breaks for Wall Street, Big Corporations, Agribusiness, Big Energy, and Pharma - our modern-day Robber Barons. The rich are reaping an excessive amount of our society's rewards, and they want more. So now they're coming for your Social Security and Medicare.

Sorry, but I'm going to pass on the plan that will increase my taxes, lower my pay, end (or increase the cost of) my health care, and jeopardize my retirement ... while simultaneously further enriching the already wealthy.


And, just in case you've forgotten - Bush's tax cuts and the economy crashing are the two major causes of the deficit:

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