Friday, August 31, 2012

Out With Seniors & The Sick

I recently referred to Christian Schneider (Journal Sentinel, WPRI hack) as the Journal's latest version of Pat McIlheran (right-wing windbag whom left the Journal to work for conservative kook, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson) - the guy spouting right-wing talking-points and nonsense ad nauseam.

For roughly the past year or so, the Republican echo chamber has been cheerleading for Paul Ryan. Other Republican-friendly politicos, pundits, and newspaper columnists all jumped on board the Very Serious Person label for Paul Ryan.

He has a budget. He likes policy. He gets things done.

But then people actually took a look at Ryan's record. As it turns out, his budget stinks, his policies don't do what he claims they do, and his record is somewhere between nonexistent to abysmal.

A lot of folks, over the course of all this, got off the 'Paul Ryan: Very Serious Person' train.

Along comes Christian Schneider with the same debunked right-wing talking points bestowing Paul Ryan as a man of Big Ideas. In fact, according to Schneider, Ryan makes this a campaign about ideas.

Let's start with the fact that the Big Idea Schneider loves most about Ryan is that he wants to end Medicare and Social Security.

From the article, "Ryan said he believed it's not important enough just for a Republican to win in 2012 but to win by discussing entitlement reform so there's a mandate for change when the new administration begins." In the Romney/Ryan world, as far as health care and retirement are concerned, you're on your own. What a refreshing idea...suck it seniors!

Near the end of Schneider's love letter for Paul Ryan, he opines, "Obama now has a liberal record that he has to defend, and Romney has a running mate with a bold plan rooted firmly in conservatism."

What is this "liberal" record he has to defend against? That he killed bin Laden or that he passed the Affordable Care Act in the hopes of providing health care to the majority of Americans? We used to call this governing. Today, for Republicans, citizens being able to see a doctor is a treacherous liberal plot. Let the market decide whether you live or die!

And, is the right-wing declaring that being firmly conservative is about making retirement more difficult and pushing health care further out of reach? I know that Republican policies generally screw over the majority of the population, but they usually don't openly admit this is what they truly want. Work until you're dead, and if you get sick, die quickly.

For Republicans, our "entitlements" are just too much. Luckily, we have Mr. Big Ideas to think up the notion of transforming these programs right out of existence. Now, let's cut more taxes for the rich. And, with the taxes we do collect, we'll use those to finance the "job creators" in all their lucratively downward- trickling schemes initiatives. Amen.

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