Saturday, July 9, 2011

Class Warfare

If you do drugs and you're poor we'll throw you into the streets. Actually you will just lose your unemployment benefits. But if that's your only income, you'll probably end up in the streets.

But, if you're wealthy and you received subsidies, giveaways, tax breaks, low-interest loans and a host of other handouts from taxpayers; and your casino-type speculation helped bring down the world economy; don't worry about punishment or an end to the giveaways. In fact, we'll find ways to make the poor and working-class citizens sacrifice even more so that you can have more handouts from taxpayers.

If you smoke a joint you will no longer receive your less-than-$300 weekly unemployment check. Yet, if a corporation's greed and speculation (partially funded by taxpayers) happens to collapse the economy, it's perfectly OK for that CEO to spend $1.2 million to redecorate his office, while continuing to receive taxpayer dollars. This dichotomy perfectly illustrates the inequity of our public policies.

American "democracy" at its finest.

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