Saturday, April 2, 2011

Our Banana Republic

Walker re-introduces debt restructuring plan. [h/t Annie K.]

"The biggest piece of the proposal Walker introduced Wednesday is debt refinancing that would save $165 million."

The Republican echo chamber continually spewed about fiscal crisis in Wisconsin. Yet, simply refinancing debt is the biggest saver in the budget plan?

Sounds more like the "crisis" was just good old political posturing to me.

And, Democrats are already out selling the sanity of this milder Walker budget plan?


Maybe if Dems want to get their policies passed they should stop playing these juvenile games with Republicans. Speak to citizens like adults and call-out Republicans on their posturing and unproductive processes.

It turns out, the collective bargaining-stripping in the Walker agenda is not even necessary to balance the budget. (As overheard on NPR.) I believe it was the State Legislative Reference Bureau which forecast the numbers showing that excluding any consideration of collective bargaining's demise, we would already balance the budget.

This is a Republican-manufactured crisis intent on Republican-party cronyism, and Democrats need to stop goose-stepping alongside Republicans on this.

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Anonymous said...


I haven't heard anymore of the "reasoning" behind this sudden appreciation for the Walker budget. It's the type of comment/situation that DESPERATELY calls for detailed follow-up

Like...hey! what the HELL ever happened with all those "Death Threats". Can we have a final verdict of TOTAL BULLSHIT about now?
No charges? nor suspects? no prosecution? No death threats maybe? Or, more liklely, all the threats were made by Republican operatives and to reveal that would be too embarrassing, so, let's just ignore it? cover that up?

Let's think of any other time when there are threats over the Internet of even if Anon takes down a website or how about Julian Assange? Smartest guy on the planet (one of) and they hunt his ass down, np. Remember the big worms that were gonna bring the Internet down back in the 90s (hackers, not politicians) and how the origins were eventually tracked to some pimply kid in Australia? These things can be traced. The Internet is not primordial ether. Google tracks my every move just to sell me shit, the law can find a Threatener".

And for god's sake - they're sent in e-mails? (supposedly) How dumb are these perps?
'S up with law enforcement? These perps would be caught by now (if they were real)

For the media and the "law" to just sit on this issue, while the Republicans use these bogus threats to fund raise into eternity, is total complicity. Why don't the cops and journalists just go out and fund-raise actively and openly for these lyin' bastards?
Might as well.

*head explodes again, stops typing*