Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Commercialization of Everything

Milwaukee Public Schools need to be open for business?

Because we are unable to raise taxes on corporations and the rich [because these same people own our government, they make sure the representatives never introduce legislation that decreases their wealth], MPS must beg and plead with the wealthy to pay for our schools, to donate money.

Having our public education system dependent on the whims and altruism of corporate and commercial interests is a recipe for disaster. Not only is it the marketization of education, but it is also a completely inappropriate commingling of consumptive excess (corporate sales objectives) with an captive audience (students).

It would be much better to simply tax these organizations and allow the proper entities to decide on budgets, spending, and programs for the schools. Rather than allowing our schools to become corporate public relations extensions and our students to become (even more so) consumptive zombies, lets maintain public control of one of the most copied and admired institutions Americans have created - our public school system.

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