Sunday, November 22, 2009

Walk(er) Away

Scott Walker rode into town, full of right-wing talking points, promising glory and growth for Milwaukee County.

He's failed. County could face another budget crisis in 2010.

He's gutted services, flip-flopped on serving only one term, terminated family-supporting jobs, all while digging a deeper budgetary hole for the county.

Scott should forget about being governor, go back to school and finish his college degree, then (try to) become a productive member of society. Public service is not his forte.

Scott, I'm sure CRG or WPRI will bring you aboard. You've robotically perfected parroting conservative one-liners.

1 comment:

capper said...

Actually, the smart money will be on him going to the Bradley Foundation until such time that Sensenbrenner finally decides he's gouged the people enough and retires.