Monday, August 10, 2009

The Government, The Government...

Why is it that when conservatives simply repeat the same line over an over, somehow it sticks? Newt Gingrich rambles on, as usual, about health care reform using the same worn right-wing talking-points: rationing, bureaucrats, and the government.

He repeatedly begins his disparaging remarks with, "The government...". In Gingrich's worldview the government can't do anything right.

Yet, government seems to perform well regarding the military, Medicare, Social Security, our legal system, police and fire protection, the postal service, highways, water systems, electrical grids, among a host of other activities.

Jeff Faux's chapter What Kind of America Do We Want? came to mind while thinking about all this government bashing. In which he highlights the many accomplishments of government, the many failures of the private sector, and the obstructionist tactics of the Republican party.

America seems to be under the illusion that the private sector is an altruistic, benevolent entity steering everyone and everything towards perfection. Although, empirical data seem to indicate just the opposite. [See The Raw Deal, Tax Cut Snake Oil, The Squandering of America, The U.S. Since 1980, and Unequal Democracy]

Yet, all the institutions, infrastructure, and backbone that allow our modern existence are directly because of government involvement.

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