Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Death Panel Deception

When it comes to the health care debate and the proposals on the table, the right-wing is basically lying. They simply want to stall health care reform because they feel that might allow them to win back some seats in 2010. Hence - we get the death panel.

There is nothing in the health care proposals about a death panel or putting anyone to death. This is just a flat-out lie being parroted by conservatives.

So why are we listening to and giving airtime to right-wingers who continually just lie to the American people? George Stephanapoulos questioned Newt Gingrich on his dishonesty and pointed out there was nothing about a death panel or "communal standards" in any health care proposal. George should have thrown Newt out of the studio and barred him from ever coming back.

If you can't form a logical argument, grounded in reality, and based on facts, shut the f#*@ up! You're adding nothing to the discussion and you're diminishing our democracy. And the media should stop allowing these cranks on as if there were two sides to every issue.

Stephen Colbert offers his thoughts.

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Dave said...

Ryan, yeah it is sad that what's going on is considered "debate." It is so rare when honest discussion of a topic can actually happen instead of just shouting and spreading mis-information.

PS Great blog I had tried to comment in the past but didn't see the option.