Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Social Security Scare Tactics (Again)

I really wish the press would stop spreading the doomsday scenarios and outright lies about a program - Social Security - that is perfectly solvent, without any changes, until the 2050's. Second, it would also be nice if the press stopped lumping Social Security and Medicare together as of they were one program; they're not.

Getting health care reform - universal or single-payer - would solve many of the cost issues with Medicare. As Peter Orszag, White House budget director, and Dean Baker, co-director Center for Economic and Policy Research, have said, this is a health care problem not an aging problem.

Restricting corporate hegemony over our government, thus reducing volitility in the markets, would relieve any shortcomings facing Social Security, by assuring stabile employment and a more equitable distribution of earnings.

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