Sunday, May 3, 2009

Political Hack Boosterism

Is the Milwaukee-Journal Sentinel implicitly supporting Paul Ryan and Scott Walker in their attempts at advancement within the Republican party and on the national stage? It doesn't seem a day, or at least week, goes by without some glowing article about one of these characters in the paper.

In the article, Walker Gets Strong Support At GOP Convention, they report on Scott Walker's popularity at the state Republican convention, but no mention is made of his disastrous policies and performance for Milwaukee County.

Ryan Draws Inspiration From Family, Mentors is a big warm literary hug from the Journal to Paul Ryan. It's tells of his family, previous jobs, and his economic views. They mention his work at Empower America, a right-wing lobbying group, and for Sam Brownback, an ultra conservative Kansan. Of course none of this is put in context or given any weight, in that these experiences may give insight into how Ryan wants to or would govern. He has a degree from the University of Miami Ohio in economics, so this makes him a serious economist alongside Paul Krugman, John Keynes, and Joe Stiglitz. Or at least that's how the Republican party and the Journal-Sentinel have been selling the story whenever Ryan spouts something regarding taxes or deficits.

Ryan Shines As GOP Seeks Vision is the extended version of the Journal slobbering all over Paul. At one moment the article states, "Ryan has clearly made the bet that he can offer detailed, controversial, conservative ideas (personal accounts for Social Security; vouchers for Medicare; lower tax rates for the wealthy; freezing most domestic spending) and still prosper politically, as long as voters see him as substantive, civil, inclusive and attentive." But then the story primarily goes back to patting Ryan on the back, and doesn't really delve into the fact that this is the same old party line coming from a younger face.

A whole compendium of Walker falacies, errors, and other stories can be found at The Political Environment. They also have plenty on Paul Ryan. I, too, have a previous post on Walker's ineptitude, and two previous posts on Ryan (here and here).

To me, this supposed reporting is more correctly described as boosterism. Blatant boosterism from a media organization for political figures. It's as if they are reporting GOP talking points. I hope the Journal follows suit with glowing and loving pieces about Jim Doyle and whomever may be running against Paul Ryan next.

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