Saturday, February 21, 2009

Opportunity Cost

How can it be that increasing our deficit for Iraq (which will cost approximately $3 trillion) is good policy - even though it has worsened national security and weakened our standing in the world - when it has not won over any hearts or minds?

Yet, deficit spending as proposed in the recently passed stimulus bill - with increased unemployment insurance, infrastructure construction projects, among other initiatives - which actually puts people who otherwise would not be working back to work, while addressing needed repairs and improvements all over the country, is bad debt.

Even when Republicans are not in power they still seem to have the ability to frame the debate and to have all the parrots on TV and radio regurgitating their nonsense.

Which would you prefer we be spending money on: Iraq or investing in long-term infrastructure projects that put people back to work now and also prepare our country for future growth?

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