Saturday, February 28, 2009

Media Are People Too

WOW! Sorry to get caught up on Megan McArdle in the last few posts, but WOW! Her delusions of grandeur are overwhelming.

She “debatesGlenn Greenwald on the media, often lecturing him on legal issues and the constitution (which she obviously has little knowledge, other than her usual anecdotal examples, which she seems to feel makes her an expert). But what does he know? He’s only a constitutional lawyer.

Typical Megan, just ranting on and on, never admitting ignorance.

One can always notice a running theme in her work – defending the status quo.

The bankers aren’t to blame, the Fed isn’t to blame, the media isn’t to blame, etc.

One funny thing about her style – she goes off on these tangents where she doesn’t even have a total grasp of that which she is talking about or criticizing. When official unemployment stats started being recorded, laws instructing journalism standards, etc.

Quite a bit of arrogance on display.

Regarding why the media can’t get more into detail on important topics and talk to people like adults:

“People are tired when they get home. They don’t want to hear lectures.” So therefore we can only discuss fluff, and we can’t really get into any detail or history.

So Megan is an inquisitive intellect yet most American people are just uninterested drones whom she assumes are too tired or too stupid to want to get better information provided to them by their media.

She really does like to have it both ways.

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