Saturday, March 12, 2016

Walker Signs Vocational Education Teacher Measure

Gov. Scott Walker signed legislation Tuesday that will let districts hire vocational education teachers who do not hold traditional teachers licenses. ...
Critics, including the state Department of Public Instruction, the state's largest teachers union and university schools of education have raised concerns, saying the measure would lower the bar on teacher standards and create an uneven licensing system around the state.
How does lowering the bar for teacher licensing do anything to impact job growth in Wisconsin? So we can hire more under-qualified "teachers"? (But wouldn't this also imply that we'll be hiring less properly-licensed teachers?) Licensing standards are in place for a reason. We want teachers that have met certain requirements. 

Is this another Republican divide and conquer strategy aimed at the teachers union?

Through defunding and lowering qualification standards, Scott Walker is diminishing the quality of Wisconsin education.

Yet again, Wisconsin Republican policy choices seem to have nothing to do with moving Wisconsin forward. Rather, their legislation is a continual sludge of favors, paybacks, posturing and cronyism.

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