Saturday, June 15, 2013

Wisconsin Republicans Have A Problem With Reality

Wisconsin is "not walking away from a dime" in federal funds by rejecting the Obamacare Medicaid expansion. [source]
"With fourteen states opting out, we estimate that 3.6 million fewer people would be insured, federal transfer payments to those states could fall by $8.4 billion, and state spending on uncompensated care could increase by $1 billion in 2016." [source]

"In rejecting the federal money, Joint Finance followed through with Gov. Scott Walker's decision in February to forgo some $4 billion in federal funds through 2020 by expanding Medicaid coverage in the state." [source]
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) is pushing a report from his administration’s Department of Workforce Development that puts the state’s net private-sector job gains at 32,000 for 2012. [source]
"As neighboring states add jobs, Wisconsin leads nation in losses over past 12 months." [source]

"As has been widely reported, job creation in Wisconsin in 2011 was the worst in the nation -- literally, 50th out of 50 states." [source]

"Scott Walker’s Wisconsin Falls To 49th In Economic Outlook." [source]

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