Saturday, September 15, 2012

Stock Update

The stock market has shown steady improvement over President Obama's first term. 

Republicans are supposedly worried about the economy and businesses. (Just let them run the show again - they know how to create jobs!) 

How can they claim the President is hurting business?

When you slam President Obama as being a socialist and for hating business, and when you obstruct all of his legislation, it's impossible to contort yourself around to then claim you're responsible for the things actually getting done. Republicans haven't supported anything the Democrats have proposed, but  the right-wing is somehow responsible for the good outcomes? 

The accused socialist and business-hater is good for business!  

Corporate profits are at all-time highs. The Dow Jones is as high as it's been since 2008 (see chart below).

Yet, business doesn't like the President? 

They don't appreciate the growth and the steady economic hand Barack Obama has demonstrated in helping the economy out of the ditch the Republicans drove it into?

Why? Oh, that's right...politics. Perpetuating the adult conversation we're not having. Thanks, Republicans.

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