Thursday, March 15, 2012

Where The Real Money Is Made

From the Democratic Party of Wisconsin: "After months spent decrying public school teachers, nurses and snow plow drivers as the 'haves' as justification for his assault on collective bargaining, Scott Walker on Monday night ridiculously suggested that his $144,423 salary isn’t 'real money.' Speaking at a March 12 forum hosted by right-wing radio host Charlie Sykes, Scott Walker stated that he didn’t want to lose the recall, not because he cares about his job as governor, but because his wife would like him to return to the private sector where he could 'make some real money.'"

So, "real" money is made in the private sector. 

But didn't Scott Walker just spend the last year telling all of Wisconsin that the public sector (specifically, unions) was the cause of all our fiscal woes? Didn't he - and the Journal Sentinel, for that matter - harangue the [mythical] lavish benefits, cushy pensions, and excessive hourly pay of public workers? We were told the only way we could balance our budget was to clamp down on the excessive pay of those public sector Rockefellers.

And now Mr. Walker is telling us the "real" money is made in the private sector. 

But seriously, I thought public worker pay needed to be shrunk to "bring it in line with the private sector." Now it sounds, though, that the public sector is, in fact, underpaid in comparison to the private sector. Which, as Scott Walker has explained, is where the "real" money is made.

There is no thought, conviction, nor morality behind anything Mr. Walker and his Republican ilk devise.

The Republican Party, of which Scott Walker has become a poster boy, has truly solidified their position as Mayberry Machiavellis. GOP operatives morph their policy positions to fit whoever is willing to fund their campaigns (textbook crony capitalism), whilst simultaneously accusing their opponents of being for whatever Republicans are against.

Yet another Scott Walker reform where the true conservative scheme position is, finally, revealed...and it is nothing like the original line they were selling. 

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