Thursday, November 3, 2011

Buck The System

According to the Journal Sentinel, Business leaders begin effort to help Bucks, Bradley Center.

"Last week, a small group of influential business leaders and the MMAC began talking in earnest about a more modest campaign to provide support for the Bradley Center and its biggest and most important tenant, the Milwaukee Bucks."

The article informs, "The group is in the process of finding ways to encourage MMAC members to look for sponsorship opportunities at the Bradley Center or buying tickets or suites at Bucks' games." The cynical side of me thinks this is just PR talk and they're merely setting the stage for asking the public to help fund a new stadium or for Bradley Center improvements.

Ted Kellner, a Bradley Center board of directors member, equates (wrongly) that MMAC "help" directly led to the Brewers to their recent success. MMAC pushed for Miller Park, it was built, and the Brewers made the playoffs.

[Funny, but aren't the business folks the ones always claiming throwing money at something doesn't solve anything. When it comes to schools, poverty, etc., more money is a waste in their opinion. But, it seems, when it's public money financing their own private playgrounds (stadium, convention center, etc.), more money equals success.]

The major reasons for the Brewers' success is a great minor league system, good scouting, and Attanasio's $90 million payroll. If new stadiums were the answer, every city would be a winner. Since 2000, more than 30 teams have new stadiums. Yet, they're not all winners.

Herb Kohl, owner of the Bucks, is the third richest member of the senate and worth hundreds of millions of dollars. It really puzzles me that we subsidize millionaire sports team owners. They are millionaires and it's their business. Let them pay for it!

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