Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Moral Police

The Journal-Sentinel asserts a "disease" is spreading throughout the Milwaukee Police Dept. "A tolerance for outrageous behavior by some of its officers."

They cite 93 instances of disciplinary actions against officers.

93 instances out of a 2,000 member police department. That's under 5 percent.

5 percent of the staff of most organizations has had a run-in with the law.

I'm not condoning drunken driving, domestic violence, or any other crime committed by a member of the police department. But, in any large organization, like the Milwaukee Police Department, 5 percent of the staff, or more, is going to have a criminal record. 3 percent of the entire U.S. population is under correctional supervision. 15 percent of the American population has a criminal record.

By all means, lets hold those committing illegal deeds accountable. But the sensationalism and the sky-is-falling immediateness portrayed in the article distract from what could be an insightful look at the old-boys' network, of favors and looking the other way, at large organizations. We all, hopefully, want justice served, no matter the circumstances.

Yet, to purport that criminal activity by those in charge of upholding the law is out-of-control and/or something new...I smell a cheap tabloid hook to sell a few papers. To hold this up as some sort of shocking revelation or ground-breaking investigative reporting is stretching the truth.

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5percentDirtyCopsWTF said...

Where I live we had an officer with a domestic incident. He was fired. Thank you (again) Jerry Matysik.

The idea is, these are not just "employees" they are both sworn to uphold the law, are given enormous power over other people. And in the case of those officers involved in violent acts against WOMEN THEY SUPPOSEDLY CARE ABOUT, how in the name if hell can they be trusted with the "general female population"?
Men who would strike out against/abuse women can't be allowed to have generic mundane power over the female civilian population, nor can they be assumed to have good judgment when it comes to dealing with MEN WHO ARE DOMESTIC PERPS.

This post does in fact condone and excuse (or at least minimize) law-breaking and abuse of those less powerful by those in power.Very unpleasant to see form a supposedly "liberal" and "enlightened" male.

...and you are concerned with an "old boy network"? You write as if you are in one yourself, and wish to defend it. Kinda takes the credibility outta any "abuse of power" themed posts you might write in the future.

I hope in your "next life" you are born a female. Yes, I really do.
And oh, those poor victimized officers. Soooo friggin' sad for them. So very sad. 'bout you go somewhere quiet today and do a wee meditation on this subject.

Jesus fucky. I can't believe what I just read here.