Thursday, March 3, 2011

Our Media Sucks!

Union leaders are well-paid, and unions tend to support Democrats. (And huge corporations pay their leaders even more, way more, while they also have more money and spend that money supporting Republicans. Just like the Koch brothers are supporting Scott Walker and his union-busting agenda right now by running advertisements for him, as they did during his campaign.)

The Journal Sentinel just recently "discovered" Democrats and unions are often on the same side of issues?

Maybe the Journal could analyze their own Data on Demand and report on the huge amounts of corporate welfare Wisconsin taxpayers fund. They could also look into the compensation for the executives at some of Wisconsin's largest companies (which are often also the same ones getting welfare).

But that would show what joke this whole budget battle is. It would expose how cruel and misinformed the intentions of Scott Walker and the lapdog press are, like the Journal, with their continual repeating of such drivel.

We could just tax the ultra-wealthy more, cut corporate tax loopholes, or get rid of many unnecessary exemptions.

But that would be too easy, and fair.

So much easier to attack the unions and public workers.

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