Saturday, January 15, 2011

Voter Identification

Republicans and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel are doing their yearly voter ID song-and-dance routine. They are pounding the drum about a fictitious scenario of widespread voter fraud, and therefore the need for voter identification.

They conveniently ignore the fact that over 20 million American do not have the necessary paperwork to obtain identification. Typically these people are elderly and minority voters, whom usually vote Democrat. Republicans are using the voter fraud myth as a tool for voter suppression. Not the most inclusive, big-tent platform. Nor is this the most important issue to address while the country faces double digit unemployment. In fact, tackling campaign finance is a much more important and effective way to address voting, elections, and to improve our democracy.

Open for business? Trying to create jobs? More plausibly just trying to push through the same old destructive conservative platform of cronyism and class warfare.

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