Monday, November 1, 2010

Down The Drain

Our water infrastructure desperately needs updating and maintenance. Yet, we have trillions for war and tax-cuts for the rich, but we simply can't spend on our infrastrucure. Or so the Republicans think and repeatedly tell us.

Can We Save America's Crumbling Water System?
The Corrosion of America

And, surely, when disaster does strike - when a community must go without potable water, due to a major breakdown, and the products which need such (food, drinks, etc.) - Republicans will blame Democrats for not investing in the infrastructure.

Infrastructure investments create jobs now and in the future. They lay the grid, so to speak, for everything we as a society do. Roads, water, sewage, transportation, and on and on.

So, remember this, years from now, when Republicans are complaining about debt and stimulus: deficit-financed spending on infrastructure is a wise and necessary investment. It also produces a huge bang-for-the-buck, especially during a recession. We need to be spending more on such investment now. Republicans can't keep having it both ways - complaing about stimulus spending and then taking credit for the positive outcomes of such.

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