Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fratboy Follies

Regarding the County's undeveloped Park East land, Pat McIlheran blames Mayor Barrett and union wages for lack of construction on the property. He, as always, cites the Tax Foundation to regurgitate the "business climate" argument. And, for fun, he also opines that Wisconsin's regulatory and legal framework are onerous. The true aim of this McIlheran piece seems to be to just repeat the usual right-wing talking points and to slam Tom Barrett.

He belittles Barrett's economic plan, while championing Walker's as somehow being bold and refreshing. Others have already eviscerated Walker's 68 - yet is really only 3 - page plan and revealed that it is the same old calls for lower taxes and doing stuff - the stuff is never specified. You see, the only aim conservatives have is to cut their own taxes. They don't really want to govern, sustain the middle-class, secure retirement, nor enable all access to health care.

There is really nothing of substance to McIlheran's rant. All that can be discerned is that Scott Walker our savior while Barrett and well-paying jobs connected to thoughtful development are garbage. Nowhere does he cite any business that Walker has attracted or retained, nor does he mention any significant development initiated under Walker's leadership.

Someone, please, tell me something positive Scott Walker has ever done. He is a political opportunist, flip-flopping his way from one elected position to the next. He has never been on the side of working people and policies that amount to anything for them. He talks the typical right-wing talk, but when leadership is needed, he kicks the can down the road or blames someone else. The difference between Barrett and Walker is the difference between a thoughtful adult and a fratboy.

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