Monday, July 26, 2010

A Crumbling County Executive

Scott Walker repeatedly cut maintenance funds from the Milwaukee County budget.

These budgetary decisions were supposedly examples of tough choices and leadership.

Then part of a parking structure caused a horrible tragedy and now a panel at the airport hit a teen in the head. Not to mention the other known infrastructure issues the County has ignored over the years to which they've simply applied the patch and pray method.

Now Walker plans to include $1.5 million in his 2011 budget for an assessment of County buildings. Chris Liebenthal, at Milwaukee County First, feels past Walker budgeting was merely a political ploy. It seems Walker's latest $1.5 million proposal is more of the same.

I'm sure Walker's recommendation will be for the State or municipalities to take over maintenance. (But, if he became governor whom would he pass the responsibility onto?)

Walker has left the County in shambles, as we're discovering more and more each day. Plus, this alleged anti-tax crusader was the biggest spender amongst himself, Governor Doyle, and Mayor Barrett. Walker's campaign drivel is more a fanciful narrative and flat-out lies rather than any true depiction of reality or the actual consequences of his policies (just like Republican policies in general).

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