Sunday, May 16, 2010

Young Companies: Biggest Job Destoyers

John Torinus (conservative, business-shill of the Journal Sentinel and CEO of tax-avoiding Serigraph Inc.) is pushing his 'entrepreneurialism, small business creates jobs' contention, yet again.

Doug Henwood elaborates, "The small business myth is probably the most durable and pervasive of all. It holds appeal across the political spectrum, from corporate lobbyists trying to sell tax breaks to postmodern New Agers trying to sell their vision of decentralization and local self-reliance...Small firms pay less than large ones, are less likely to offer health, pension, or child care benefits, and are often more dangerous to workers. With few exceptions, they're not all that innovative technologically."

I have tried to put this "idea" to bed many times. See below for more.

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