Saturday, February 6, 2010

Basket Case

The sales tax used to help pay for Miller Park may be extended past it's 2014 sunset date to pay for Bradley Center replacement or renovations.

These money losers - stadiums, convention centers, etc. - always have boosters and proponents pushing for the use of public dollars to fund such private playgrounds. In such instances, these normally government-averse, anti-tax crusaders, become big government supporters and partners. Suddenly government spending is a good thing that will create jobs and be an economic catalyst for the region. Or so the well-worn story goes. In the majority of cases, the reality is just the opposite.

These stadium subsidizers are against well-paid public employees, a well-funded public transportation system, or a targeted tax to pay for park system maintenance. But hundreds of millions for a sports stadium, that's a wise investment? Which of these investments returns more to a city or region long-term? Seasonal, retail/entertainment establishments? Or the infrastructure and amenities that citizens and businesses count on in everyday life?

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