Friday, January 1, 2010

The Cost of Quality

There is a wolf at the door. But not the County budgetary wolf the Journal Sentinel invokes. The wolves are the scofflaws who refuse to pay their fair share of taxes.

We've cut ourselves into diminished services leading to pothole-filled roads, fewer libraries and parks, and fewer public transportation routes. Thus a lower quality of life for residents, and a less attractive environs for potential businesses and homeowners.

It would be nice if the largest newspaper in the state and the conservative politicians could come to grips with the fact that a decent life costs money. Services cost money. Maintenance of infrastructure costs money. And, well-paid public jobs with the promise of a stable retirement are not part of the problem nor a 'bad thing' for a community.

If only our media and the conservative pundits would investigate tax evaders and the inequity of taxation with the vigor they push for more and more tax cuts, we'd all be better off.

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