Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Here's a plan for raising all necessary revenue to correct: state and local budget shortcomings, infrastructure projects, health care, housing, and credit markets:

Increase taxes on the wealthy, scale back tax exemptions, close tax loopholes, increase the capital gains tax, and implement a Tobin Tax on financial transactions.

It really is that simple. 95 percent of the population earning under $150,000 annually would be largely unaffected by the tax increases.

By sharing a little more now, The Haves could accelerate the economic recovery's pace, thereby improving their own business prospects. For the owners, this is basically an investment in their own future. Even though a lost decade hurts low-income families the most, such a long period of stagnation can take quite a bite out of a corporation's balance sheet and stock value.

This back-and-forth, dog-and-pony show we're receiving from the Mainstream Media and Congress (basically a PR firm for big business) is exactly that, a show. A rather elaborate production with the drama of a soap opera, corruptly masking dubiousness and misappropriations.

It's really not that hard to get things done. FDR sure did get quite a bit done in 1933.

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