Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pathetic Palin

Since Sarah Palin has such disdain for the Media (FOX, you don't count), maybe the Media should stop covering any/every thing she does.

Palin is one of the most incoherent speakers ever given such a national platform and megaphone. Somehow she is also mentioned as a front-runner for 2012. This is all very scary and sad, and should be especially embarassing to Republicans.

Her hyprocrisy, half-truths, delusions, broken English and utter nonsense are dumbfounding, to say the least.

She hates government, yet Alaska is the biggest welfare state in the United States. She hates the media, yet never passes up a chance to give a speech or do an interview.

She cares so much about Alaska and the U.S., she's quitting the governorship with 15 months left in her term, because of the [...wait for it...] mean, bitter partisan attacks she and Alaska would have to endure over that "lame duck" time-period.

So anyone whom is unpopular, facing tough choices and criticism at your job, should just quit. What a leader!

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