Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Love Affair

Some, on the right, are trying to solidify the idea that the media has a "love affair" with President Obama. Because this President actually talks to the press, gives speeches, addresses the public...and the media cover it...this is what qualifies as a "love affair." Although, I agree with Bill Maher, Obama is permitting himself to be overexposed, and thus, allowing these silly distractions - the media having a love affair with him - to take hold.

But what about all the misinformation the media allows out there, such as - he's a muslim, he wasn't born in America, he's a socialist, he's a communist, and on and on - how does this fit into the "love affair" meme?

Even Sam Donaldson said "there are a lot of things he should be commended for," on This Week With George Stephanopoulos.

I guess as far as the right is concerned, creating false stories to fill the 24-hour news cycle is better than actually having to develop public policy, like formulating environmental policy, health care reform, constructing new financial regulations, or helping people get back to work.

It's so much easier to just criticize President Obama, and blame the media for reporting on him.

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