Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Grass Root Confusion

Stuart Varney, Faux News hack, works himself into quite an incensed state during this interview. The excuses, the attempts to put words into Steve Leser's mouth, the amnesia regarding Reagan and Bush I & II deficits, the continued lies about the Teabag spectacle being a grass roots uprising, blaming Obama for deficits (which is "pump priming," demand side spending necessary to jolt the economy back to life from the near-death experience of the Bush II years), and on and on.

I guess Varney can not tell the difference (since I'm sure he's never been involved in any type of activist project) between a movement started locally by people - what is usually meant as "grass roots" - and a movement dictated downward from right-wing Washington interest groups. Just because a few wingnuts latch on to the Teabag fiasco and have tea parties here and there does not make it a "grass roots" movement.

Grass roots start small and work their way to city halls, then to state capitols, then to Washington. They don't start with big names, think tanks, and large funding and work their down to people and localities.

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