Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stop Making Sense

A peculiar notion I've seen since Jon Stewart spanked Jim Cramer, a glaringly ridiculous critique aimed at Stewart is that,“Stewart didn't do himself any favors by coming off as overly serious and not very funny.”

Because a comedy show host has to do a journalist's job and ask the tough questions…because he wants to get to the bottom of this mess and hold accountable those who drove us off a cliff…because Jon was serious…somehow this didn’t do him any favors?


Memo to Stewart: You are a monkey. Just make us laugh. We don't like to think. We don't want this Ponzi economy exposed. Shut up unless you're making jokes.

If Joe Weisenthal and other supposed business reporters did their jobs Stewart wouldn't have to do it. Maybe we just need to be watching Comedy Central for our business news, and the supposed experts need to find new work.

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