Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Union Support

The Capital Times opines:

“State employees have the right to negotiate in good faith with the state. Without a willingness to even discuss what concessions need to be made with state employees, the governor comes across more like a dictator and less like a leader,” Risser said. “The governor’s budget adjustment bill attempts to wipe away over 50 years of collective bargaining rights in Wisconsin. This decree will affect every hardworking public employee in the state -- every librarian, teacher, street department worker and public safety worker. These are our friends and neighbors; they are the people who make our communities function.”

Some relevant wisdom from Jim Doyle:

"Doyle, a lawyer and former state attorney general, did lay out his general reasoning in the interview: Refusal to bargain would be a violation of state labor law -- especially when unions had taken a renewed interest in accepting a concessions-laden two-year deal some 18 months after their last contract expired."

An excellent article by Leslie Marshall.


"The argument put forth by Walker is that he has to get his budget in line. But Walker is lying. Statistically, whether it be Wisconsin, Ohio, Nevada, or New Jersey, union workers make on the average 6 percent less than their private sector counterparts. Also statistically, if you look at the budget of Wisconsin, the biggest savings have nothing to do with state workers or collective bargaining; by Walker’s own admission, he could save $165 million just restructuring the current debt. And we know this isn’t about money or savings to the state of Wisconsin or its citizens, it’s politics. The governor takes the time to put the National Guard on alert, but can’t take the time to sit down with the unions for even five minutes?!!! And we know he has exempted the police and firefighters, for those groups supported him and his run for office. Deficit my butt."

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