Wednesday, February 2, 2011


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Anonymous said...

Hi. As you know our media here is crap, while the same garbage is recycled daily and Sarah Palin's every grunt is top story - things are happening, a recent Internet usage ruling in Canada is probably one thing we should be forewarned about, but we are not. I hate to suggest "censorship" but it seems far-fetched that big media does not know about this and has no vested interest in keeping it quiet. I have no idea if perhaps Amy Goodman has covered this or not, I don't see her every day.
IN addition, I am in no position personally to evaluate this, or make a definitive judgment on it. However it seems highly cautionary. people should probably start looking into this ruling. It is called Usage Based Billing-UBB. It was suggested by Bell and was eventually approved. It seems like Canadians that I have contact with are highly upset about this, and feel it will change the Internet as they experience it, turning in it into a highly packaged and over-controlled product like Cable TV. On my blog I have posted a copy of an official communication that is being sent out to consumers by one Canadian ISP about the new rates and usage caps.
Think about that - Usage Caps on your Internet. Quoting form that ISP e-mail - "We encourage you to monitor your usage carefully, as the CRTC has imposed a very high overage rate, above your new monthly limit"

Check it out yourself, draw your own conclusions or pass this info on to other people, preferably to someone who is able to judge this scenario (or if you have pals in the Party or Government!)and how it might impact US users if implemented here

Thanks, sorry if you perceive this as spam, I've dropped this on a couple of bloggers, it seems important to me to spread the word, and I'm not really what you'd call "well-connected"