Friday, February 11, 2011

Recall Scott Walker

Scott Walker claims that unions are a major cost that needs to be cut. They should only be able to negotiate their salaries. Which is prick-speak for, "Worry about your own health care and retirement! Now back to work!" The major-asshole caveat in all of this is that he plans on exempting police and fire union members from such measures.

Of all unionized public workers, police and fire, generally are paid the best. Exempting them makes this merely a punitive measure against collective bargaining. (And pay-back - the police and fire unions supported Scott Walker.) The claimed cost-savings are simply an illusory talking-point.

In one sparkling example, to illustrate the follies that are Scott Walker and privatization, during his time with the county, Mr. Walker privatized security guards at the court house claiming it would save money (and early retirement was offered to some as an incentive). The amount saved was about $52,000. He was warned that it was illegal due to labor contracts (to name just one reason he should have pursued other options). He pushed privatization through regardless. A year later, and a few grievances, this supposed money-saver is going to cost the county more than it otherwise would have if Walker had just left things well enough alone. The arbitrator ruled Walker's action were illegal. The county must now pay those workers' lost wages, benefits, and seniority for the time period. Security is again staffed by public workers.

And now he's trying to reenact this fiasco with the state.


xoff said...

No legal recall till next January. By then, maybe people will have had enough -- if he's not a folk hero for busting the unions.

achristopher said...

Good article. Check out for more information on the recall campaign.